What are the reasons for visible defects in my products?

Most of the materials we repurposed are rejected due to quality or aesthetic issues, so your products may have visible defects, defects that make your products special and unique pieces, think of them as scars of materials that have survived a lot and have a history to tell.

How can I know what my product is made of?

We recommend to read or consult our Transparency Index -

Why don't you have products in stock and I have to wait?

We are an upcycler brand so we work with limited materials and on request, this means that we only produce what is consumed so we do not have sales or discounts.

Do you sponsor influencers?

No, contrary to traditional marketing, we invite influencers to learn more about our processes and fall in love with our philosophy, allowing them to express themselves as a result. 

Changes and returns?

No, our system does not allow changes or returns, but we have a repair and remastering service.

Does the packaging is returnable?

That's right, we offer you a 10% discount when you return your packaging on your next purchase, so we recommend you take care of it and not throw it away. 

I want to donate my furs and coats, how do I do it?

If you would like to schedule a pick-up at your home, please message us

What kind of materials do you receive in the donation area and what restrictions do they have?

At the moment, for personal donations we only accept leather, fur in repairable or good conditions .

The garment is picked up from your home, and an accessory made from the same material is sent to show our appreciation for your donation.

Do you accept custom orders?

The garment in question is quoted, and we require you to pay 70% of the value of the garment in advanced. Once it's finished, you have 7 days to finish the payment and collect your garment or it will released for sale.

The design and production rights belong to us when making a custom order, so if a copyright session is required, it will have a cost and a legal registration, depending on the needs of the business. 

I require a consultancy or advice to use the prototyping laboratory, what do I have to do?

Contact us to hello@svlim.com

How does the editorial loan process work?

Message us with your editorial proposal so we can take your ideas into consideration.

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