• How to communicate Innovation and sustainability (ENG/ESP)

    Sustainability is becoming increasingly prevalent in every product and service in the market, with a focus on gaining acceptance within the global supply chain as an immediate priority.
    Being a creative and technical hybrid, its communication poses a challenge of transparency to avoid falling into greenwashing. It also demands analytical capabilities from end consumers who are committed to driving change and participating in conscious consumption.
  • Fashiontech x Sustainability (ENG/ESP)

    A hybrid between a conference and a masterclass that delves into the current dynamics between technology and sustainability to propel the fashion industry to the next level. This conference is a favorite among those who want to learn about technology and explore the decentralization of fashion across various creative and commercial domains.
  • Emotional Sustainability (ENG/ESP)

    With the sustainable revolution in the fashion industry, transparency and innovation cycles have significantly influenced its digital migration. This persuasion has led the industry to establish responsibility towards the planet and its users through identity and education.
    In this presentation, we will address the integration of sustainability as a part of the innovation process, furthering the emotional impact of transgenerational consumption awareness and the quest for balance between industry, profitability, and experience design.
  • TEDxParqueLaLoma

    Fashion Talks: Are we truly doing something?

  • Heineken Green Challenge

    Heineken Green Challenge Embassador.

    Circular Economy for Creative Industries.

  • Moda en el Metaverso

    Diálogos entre Líderes | Intermoda 78

Consulting System for Independent designers and Corporate Brands

Sustainable migration begins with the awakening of consciousness among its human capital, enabling them to make consistent decisions without affecting operations, while simultaneously enhancing the production, quality, and communication of products and services.

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-An illuminated, ventilated, and lockable dressing room. 
-Book the available dates with 50% of the payment  in advance.
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Free educational conferences. 
Only 4 conferences are given per year at non-profit events.
-The same requirements established in a face-to-face conference. 
-Having the status of an educational institution, organization. 
-Proof of the institution's lack of resources with a letter from the director, rector, or managerial position.
Sustainability for all applies to schools, organizations, and low-income institutions interested in participating in SVLIM's educational program.